City dressing

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The city is their canvas. Urban architecture is their medium. Instead of paint they use stickers, flags, foil wrap, lights and large-scale prints. For 25 years, Madje Vollaers and Pascal Zwart have been trailblazing pioneers in the artistic no man's land between sculpture, fashion and graphic design. They transformed Amsterdam's inner city for both the coronation and marriage of King Willem-Alexander and Maxima, created the visual identity for North Sea Jazz Festival and Drum Rhythm Nights, and outfitted the country’s tallest building with a starry sky. Their innovative brand of creativity had been dubbed 'city dressing'. It entails a total transformation of the everyday public domain, temporarily submerging viewers in a wonderful world making them see the city anew. Studio VollaersZwart celebrates life itself. And everybody is invited to the party.

Studio VollaersZwart werd in 1991 opgericht door Madje Vollaers (1964) en Pascal Zwart (1961) en is gevestigd in Rotterdam.

Studio VollaersZwart was founded in 1991 by Madje Vollaers (1964) en Pascal Zwart (1961) in Rotterdam.


Edo Dijksterhuis is (freelance) journalist, criticus en voltijds kunstmissionaris. Hij schrijft o.a. voor Het Financieele Dagblad, De Filmkrant, Museumtijdschrift en ArtSlant.

Edo Dijksterhuis is a freelance journalist, critic and art missionary.


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Formaat: 16cm x 32cm
Verschijningsdatum: 08/11/2016
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NUR Omschrijving: Vormgeving en design
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